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  • The federal government decides to close the 1,000-acre military base located in your community. Now it is gone. How do you replace that economic engine? What do you do with the land? What kinds of civic partnerships and engagement strategies are needed to turn this devastating decision into a successful alternative use?

  • Construction is stopped on the last mile of a major arterial road due to neighborhood opposition and court challenges. Citizens had not been invited to engage in the process and they are angry. How does the city's new administration change the process and complete the road?

  • The rapidly growing community needs a new elementary school. And a new park. And a new YMCA. What kind of partnerships can be built to create a model, multi-use school?

  • Unnecessary permitting processes cripple economic growth. Imagine business and community groups joining the many counties and cities within a region to set minimum standards for permitting, for the ENTIRE REGION, and further agree to locate these standards on one common website. Might this actually happen?

  • Your multi-county region is growing rapidly. Is it possible to join tens of thousands of residents, multiple businesses and dozens of governments in a shared vision for how the region should grow? How long might this take?

  • Water is precious to people, to crops and to natural systems. How can people representing these interests meet in the same room and find common projects to support to make sure there is enough water for all?

  • As a corporate sponsor, you are increasingly frustrated with funding a number of similar community organizations that do not seem to be working together. What can you do?

  • You are a business leader who has a great idea about a new innovative solution to a critical community issue. How do you build a community partnership?

We are doers, advisors, leaders, teachers, innovators and above all, trusted civic allies.
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